Top 10 Reasons to Choose EMI for Your End of the Year Gift

December 29, 2014


10—5% Administration Overhead

We work with volunteers. We don ’ t rent buildings or warehouses. We don ’ t manufacture or ship, and we don ’ t hire a staff.

Plus, we focus all of our energies on meeting the needs of humanity—not spicing up our admin team or creating atmosphere.

9—100% Designated Gift Allocation

For 5 years we have been able to send every dime to the place that the donor designated. We believe in this.

8— Genuinely a Triage Ministry

We reach the most desperate, those struggling to live, caught in the crosshairs of war, famine, disease, or the pure evil of man.

7—Point A-Point B in the most effective, efficient, and expedient manner

Gets humanitarian aid and the Gospel to any region of the world before Fed-Ex can get a package there since we only work

through indigenous missionaries who live on so much less and accomplish so much more.

6—Local Ministry impacting 14 nations of the world

That ’ s right, in your own backyard is a ministry having unimaginable global impact. You don ’ t have to look far at all.

5—0% Compromise on The Gospel

There is NOTHING more important than the Gospel and we NEVER compromise on the purity of the Gospel. We don ’ t take

spiritual or ethical short-cuts in order to gain a donor or gain some ground.

4—More than 500,000 people impacted yearly

Truly astonishing when you consider how tough it would be to accomplish even a small percentage of that in 10 years!

3—Strong, consistent accountability

We have a strong Board of Directors and several strong, Biblical churches in our accountability circle. Plus, we stay out in the

open and forthright on all moral issues.

2—Support and/or rescue orphans, widows, child-sex slaves, debt-bondage children

Nearest and dearest to the heart of God. These are the ones that He has His eye on. These are the ones He is targeting today.

1—You, the donor, get to see miraculous impact on less than you could imagine.

Try us on for size and see if what we are saying is true.


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